Off By One Release Notes


V3.5.d - Jan 2, 2006
  • Fixed a bug introduced in V3.5.c which identified the browser as running on a CE system in the UserAgent header.

V3.5.c - Dec 31, 2005
  • Added mousewheel scrolling support.

  • Added support for hexadecimal numeric entities.

  • Recognize (and ignore) tages of the form <? ...

  • Handle FRAMESET where a FRAME has no SRC specified, which had caused the NAME of the frame to be lost.

  • Improved detection of missing HTTP header blank line terminator for case where the first tag started with "<!" or "<?".

  • Fixed problem with that disabled launch of external players in some cases.

  • Windows CE/PPC version (named MiniBrow) now available as beta.

V3.5.a - January 31, 2005
  • Added tabbed browsing support.

  • Search for the initialization file ob1.ini first in the default runtime directory, then in the app directory, and finally in the WINDOWS directory. This allows you to place your initialization file on read-only media, e.g. on CD-ROM.

  • Added the BackColor and ForeColor properties to the initialization file ob1.ini. The default BackColor is white.

  • Added the PageCacheSize property to the initialization file ob1.ini (default is to cache 8 pages).

  • Added PageDown on spacebar hit.

  • Better handle double-quotes in the title when formulating the name for Save Favorites.

  • Translate embedded spaces in network file names to numeric entities (%20).

  • Parse SCRIPT expressions of the form (a<b) as none-tags. YAHOO search results should be readable again.

V3.4.a - December 9, 2002
  • While feature-identical to the December 7 release, V3.4.a eliminates unnecessary dependencies. On some systems, this resulted in a message saying that required Dll file OLEACC.DLL can't be found.

  • As a result, V3.4.a is about 39KB lighter than V3.4.

V3.4 - December 7, 2002
  • Added PNG image support.

  • Changed return from FORM checkboxes. If no VALUE then name=ON& is returned, VALUE="abc" returns name=abc&, and VALUE="" returns name=&. This conforms with the current behavior of other browsers.

  • Allow leading blank in numeric tag parameters, e.g. width=" 200".

  • Changed nested BLOCKQUOTE handling to leave a blank line before and after, to conform with the current behavior of other browsers. Previously, was leaving blank line before and after outer BLOCKQUOTE but not around any nested BLOCKQUOTE.

  • Fixed TD HEIGHT=n, which was being ignored under certain circumstances.

  • Eliminated the dreaded Neon Pink background image caused by duplicate transparent color in palette.

  • Fixed problem that vertically pulled cell contents upwards by the value of 1/2 CELLPADDING.

V3.2.J.2 - February 3, 2002

  • Corrected an error in the V2.3.J release of Feb 1, which had caused the application to not load unless the OpenSSL files SSLeay32.DLL and libeay32.DLL were present. They are now optional, matching the documentation.

V3.2.J - February 1, 2002

  • Implemented optional SSL support, relying on the OpenSSL DLLs.

  • Replaced the Fake SSL option in the Options menu with an "SSL Support" sub-menu.

  • Made the Hotlist size adjustable via the HotlistSize INI property.

  • Improved simulated JavaScript jump detection.

  • Fixed bug that treated a "<" followed by a digit as a tag opener inside a SCRIPT section, which could cause blank areas or blank pages to be displayed.

V3.2.H - January 8, 2002

  • Added a Fake SSL feature to the Options menu. When checked, enables access to some "secure" (https:) WebMail and other sites that require login through the "https:" protocol without insisting on data encryption.

  • Added "Send Referrer Header" to the Options menu.

  • Changed the behavior of self-referential hyperlinks (hyperlinks whose URL is that of the page in which they are embedded) to force a re-load, rather than doing nothing. Yahoo group sites that had stalled on the "click to proceed to message" ad page should now work as expected.

  • Added page reload on F5 keypress.

  • Added Reload and Stop Loading options to the File menu. Added the View menu, containing the options Page Info and History which were previously accessible only from the button bar. Also moved Cookie Viewer from Edit to View, Font and Image sizing from Options to View.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some status pages for failed loads from aging out of cache, potentially causing cache clog.

V3.2.G - December 16, 2001

  • Added "Open Frame in New Window" option to the right-click popup menu.

  • Added Show NoScript to the Options menu. Checked by default, uncheck to properly display sites that replicate content inside and outside of NOSCRIPT sections. The symptom is typically two duplicate (advertising) images shown where only one is expected.

  • Added a default start page to ob1.exe distribution. The Start Page is selected via the Options menu "Start & Home Page...", and can be set to blank to load no start page (as was the default before V3.2.G).

  • Added JavaSim property to the INI file selectively disable the minimal Javascript recognition currently implemented. Set JavaSim=0 to disable, JavaSim=1 (the default) to enable.

  • Fixed a problem that affected the initial Favorites setting on Windows XP systems only.

V3.2.E.2 - November 4, 2001

  • Added a dialog box for setting the Start page and Home page under the Options menu.

  • Added the option Open in New Window to the right-click popup menu.

  • Added Alt-LeftArrow and Alt-RightArrow as PageBack and PageForth shortcuts.

  • Added navigation support for "javascript:///Jump()" and "javascript:///openWindow()".

  • Enabled User-Agent specification via an INI file setting.

  • Re-enabled the missing Ctrl-O and Ctrl-W shortcuts.

  • Fixed the handling of the INI file property FontFaceNormal - was being ignored.

V3.2.E.1 - October 23, 2001

  • Merged the two toolbars into one for more display space.

  • Added selectable Cookie support (under the Options menu).

  • Added hotkeys Z for PageBack, X for PageForth (unless the cursor is in a FORM field).

  • Added UNICODE entity printing support.

  • Fixed a problem that could hang the app when UNICODE character entities were specified inside PRE blocks.

  • Fixed a problem that could initiate an external player unnecessarily when a secondary browser window was opened.

V3.2.C.4 - September 9, 2001

  • Fixed a bug in Options | "Load Images..." that caused a change of settings for this option to only take effect on the next browser session.

  • Fixed a bug that caused FORM controls and the status bar to display text in dingbat fonts on some Windows 95 systems.

  • Added the INI file entries StartPage and HomePage. You can set these in the [Properties] section of ob1.ini to select a start URL and the Home Page button URL, respectively.

    For the moment, these two properties can only be set by manually editing the INI file. You can use Notepad to edit ob1.ini, which is usually found in the \WINDOWS directory.

V3.2.C.3 - August 16, 2001

  • Added the Enable Image Animation menu option. When this option is checked, animated images play normally. When unchecked, images are not animated.

  • Added the Enable Meta Refresh menu option. Uncheck to disable META REFRESH tags, which can reload or redirect a loaded page.
V3.2.C.2 - August 3, 2001

  • Added the Show NoFrames menu option. When this option is checked, FRAMESET and FRAME tags will be ignored, and NOFRAMES sections will be displayed if present in the HTML page.

  • Fixed a bug that caused excessive memory usage during long sessions, and could cause an exception on application exit.
V3.2.a - July 5, 2001

  • First release!

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