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Open Local File... Open File Open a file from a local disk.
Go to a Web Page... Open URL Present a URL entry dialog for Web navigation.
Reload Reload Re-load the current page from its source.
Stop Loading Stop Cancels a load in progress.
New Tab Create and a new empty tab and switch to it.
Save Current Page As... Save the current HTML page to a local disk file.
Save Page and Images Save As File Save the current page and all embedded images to the current directory.
Print... Print Print the current page.
Exit Exit and close the application.


Select All Select all the text on the current page.
Copy Copy To Clipboard Copy the selected text to the system clipboard.
Find Text in Page... Find Text in Page Search for a string in the text of the current page.
Find in Files... Find Text in Files Search for a string in the pure (non-tag) text of multiple HTML or plain text files on local disk.


Enlarge Font Enlarge Font Increase the size of the text fonts by one point.
Reduce Font Reduce Font Reduce the size of the text fonts by one point.
Image Zoom Display an image zoom submenu with options for reducing and enlarging the size of displayed images by various percentages.
Page Info Page Status Display the status, HTTP headers and HTML source for the current page.
Session History History Display the History list for this session or tab.
Cookie Viewer Show Cookies Show all the currently active cookies.

Hotlist Hotlist
[Up to eight entries...] The hotlist consists of the one to eight entries. It is intended to augment the regular Favorites list.
Add Current Page Adds the currently displayed page to the hotlist.
Remove Current Page Remove the currently displayed page from the hotlist. This option is only available when the current page is in the hotlist.
Move Current Page to Top Move the currently displayed page to the top of the hotlist. This option is only available when the current page is in the hotlist.
Web Search Web Search Displays the Web Search page.


Cookie Support Selects how HTTP cookies are handled (also see FAQ #7).
  • Enabled: full cross-session cookie support.

  • Disabled: no cookies are served.

  • Session-Fresh Only: serve only cookies received during the current browser session.
SSL Support Determines how Web sites secured with SSL (URLs starting with "https:") are handled.
  • SSL Enabled: full SSL support for visiting secure sites.

    This option is greyed out when the OpenSSL DLL files are not present.

  • SSL Disabled: no SSL support, can't visit secure sites.

  • Fake SSL: When this option is checked, "https:" URLs that normally require SSL connections will be accessed as if they were regular "http:" URLs. Some sites with "https:" addresses still allow access without an actual secure (encrypted) connection, and checking this option allows access to such sites. Examples are some WebMail systems, message boards etc. However, site that require a truly secure connection such as banks or brokerages cannot be accessed even when this option is checked.

    Note that this option does not establish a secure connection with "https:" sites, it simply establishes a normal connection with "https:" sites if they accept a normal connection.

Enable New Window Determines what happens when a clicked link includes a "TARGET=_blank" attribute.
  • Enabled: the link will be opened in a new, indepenent browser window.

  • Open in New Tab: the link will be opened in a new tab in the current browser window.

  • Disabled: the link will be opened in in the current browser window.

Enable External Players When this option is checked, downloaded binary files that require external players or editors (e.g. ZIP files, spreadsheets) will results in a dialog box offering to launch the external player for the file. When unchecked, only a download page with Save option is displayed.

Note that executables (*.EXE files) are never automatically launched, for safety reasons.

Enable Meta Refresh META REFRESH tags can cause the browser to reload the current page or to load a different page, immediately or after a time delay. When the option is checked, the browser honors such META REFRESH tags. Uncheck to disable reloading and redirection by META REFRESH tags.
Send Referrer Header By default this option is checked, causing an HTTP Referer (sic) header to be included in the request sent to the server for loading a new HTML page. This header identifies the 'referring page', the page from which you clicked the link that initiated the load.

Uncheck this option if you prefer to not reveal the referring page to the server.

Keep Forward History When this option is checked, all new entries are appended to the end of the history list, following any "forward" entries resulting from PageBack operations. When unchecked, the history list is maintained in a standard manner, meaning that hyperlinking after a PageBack operation removes the "forward" entries from the list.
Load Images When this option is checked, images load normally. Uncheck to ignore images.
Enable Image Animation When this option is checked, animated images play normally. Uncheck to freeze animated images.
Show NoFrames When this option is unchecked, FrameSet pages load normally. Check to ignore FRAMESET tags and display the NOFRAMES section, if present.
Show NoScript When this option is checked, NOSCRIPT sections are displayed normally. Uncheck to ignore any NOSCRIPT sections when browsing sites that erroneously repeat the NOSCRIPT content, typically resulting in the display of duplicate images.
Start and Home Page... Display a dialog in which you can specify the Start page, which is the default page displayed when the browser is started, and the Home page, which is the page retrieved when the Home button is pressed.
Proxy Server Setup... Display the Proxy Server setup dialog. Basic Authentication proxy servers are supported, as well as non-authenticating proxy servers.


Online Help... Display the online Help page.
About Off By One... Display the application's About Box.

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