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Open File Open a file from a local disk.

Menu File | Open Local File...

Open URL Present a URL entry dialog for Web navigation.

Menu File | Go to a Web Page...

Stop Stop a page load in progress.

Menu File | Stop Loading

Reload Re-load the current page from the source.

Menu File | Reload

Page Back Page back through history list.
Page Forth Page forth to the next page in the history list.
Home Page Go to the Home Page.
Web Search Displays the Web Search page.

Menu Hotlist | Web Search

Hotlist Display the Hotlist links.

Menu Hotlist

Enlarge Font Increase the size of the text fonts by one point.

Menu Options | Enlarge Font

Reduce Font Reduce the size of the text fonts by one point.

Menu Options | Reduce Font

Copy To Clipboard Copy the selected text to the system clipboard.

Menu Edit | Copy

Print Print the current page.

Menu File | Print...

Save As File Saves the current page and all embedded images to the current directory.

Menu File | Save Page and Images

Open Favorite Choose a site from the Favorites list.
Save Favorite Save the address of the current page in the Favorites list.
Find Text in Page Search for a string in the text of the current page.

Menu Edit | Find Text in Page...

Find Text in Files Search for a string in the pure (non-tag) text of multiple HTML or plain text files on local disk.

Menu Edit | Find in Files

Page Status Displays the status, HTTP headers and HTML source for the current page.

Menu View | Session History

History Displays the History list for this session.

Menu View | Page Info

Show Cookies Show the cookies currently in the cookie jar.

Menu View | Cookie Viewer

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