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Basic Browsing

Navigation: to enter a Web page address (URL) press the Open URL button, or select the menu option "File" | "Go to a Web Page...", or hit ctrl-W.

Local Files: to open a local disk file press the Open File button, or select "File | "Open a local file...", or hit ctrl-O.

Hyperlinks: work as expected.

Configuration Options

The "Options" menu presents several configuration options.

Text Font Size: The display fonts can be increased or reduced in size via the View menu options "Enlarge Font" and "Reduce Font", or by pressing the corresponding toolbar buttons (Enlarge Font and Reduce Font).

Image Zoom: the View menu "Image Zoom" option lets you select a zoom factor between 50% and 400% for images.

Start & Home Page: both are selectable via the Options menu "Start & Home Page..." entry. If a Start Page address is specified, the page is automatically loaded when the browser is first run. Leave blank to load no start page. The default Start Page is:

The Home Page button on the toolbar navigates to the specified Home Page address.

Proxy Server Setup: You can access the network through a proxy server by setting the server name and port in the Proxy Server Setup dialog. You can also specify a name and password for authenticating proxy servers.

Other Functions

Printing: use the Print  button or the "File | Print..." menu option to print the current page.

Hotlist: the "Hotlist" menu option or Hotlist button displays a hotlist menu of up to eight addresses. You can add or remove addresses from the hotlist. It is distinct from (and quicker to access than) the standard Favorites list.

Favorites: the standard favorites list is accessed via the Open Favorite and Save Favorite buttons.

Find in Page: press Find Text in Page button, or select the menu option "Edit | Find Text", or press CTRL-F, to display a Find Text dialog box for searching the current page. Use F3 to repeat a find, shift-F3 to search backwards.

Find in Files: press the Find Text in HTML Files button, or select the menu option "Edit | Find in Files..." to display a Find Text in Files dialog. This features searches the pure text (non-tag) portion of multiple HTML files in a folder.

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