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Welcome to the ob1 Default Start Page

This is the default start page for the Off By One browser. If you prefer to start with a different page, or if you would rather start with a blank page, here's how.

Do you have the latest version of Off By One?
The current version is: V3.5.d
The build date is:          Jan 2 2006 15:02:24   
To check your version number, display the About box by hitting the F1 button or by selecting the Help menu option "About Off By One...".

If your browser is older than the current version, you can download the latest version.

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Where to go from here

If you are not familiar with the Off By One browser then the Quick Start page will illuminate its most commonly used features.

Your questions may find answers at the FAQ page.

Your comments are welcome.

Software developers: you can easily incorporate a browser window into your MS-Windows application with the Webster Pro Control, which is built from the same Webster Code Base as the Off By One browser. Easily re-distributable, no dependencies!

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